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Children’s Workshop

Sponsered by Gibson's Music

Hosted by the Crystal Water Band

Workshop starts Saturday June 2 @ 1:00pm under the Wayne Supply Tent

Performance starts Saturday June 2 @ 4:30pm on Main Stage

*Participants must be present in Main Stage area @ 4:30 to Win  



Workshops fiddler.

Sally Gap Bluegrass Festival offers FREE children's workshops. The children build a Bluegrass instrument and receive a FREE t-shirt. Participants are taught a song which they perform on stage during the supper break.

sally gap kids band.

The Sally Gap Workshop Band preparing for the stage!

children building banjos.

Children building banjos

workshop band preparing for stage.

Preparing for the stage!

sally gap children's band.

Sally Gap children's band

Children on the stage.

Children onstage

sally gap children's band.

Sally Gap children's band

sally gap band (and a couple moms).

Sally Gap Band (and a couple moms)

happy banjo player.

This happy girl won a banjo!

a couple of great young pickers!

Great young pickers!




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